Zabbix Top 5 Mistakes


    There is a list of things people tend to do wrong while working with Zabbix. Let’s get a quick look at five common mistakes to avoid them in the future.


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    1. Hi Dimitry

      Recently we upgraded from version ‘’Zabbix 3.0.1’’ the whole IT Infrastructure of our company to the new version of ‘’Zabbix 4.0.10’’

      Since this migration we meet only one real and unexpected ‘’ glitch‘’ that I can not yet find any solution.

      Actually all of our previous ‘’Action’’ which sent a mail does not function anymore.

      everything seems correct and exactly like before BUT Zabbix does not sends any mail.

      Could you please help and guide us to overcome this problem.

      All ideas and direction to go to test and find a solution are welcome

      Best regards.

    2. Small recap:
      1. Choose DB depending on your experience
      2. Tune Zabbix configuration file carefully. DO NOT maximize number of pollers, trappers and etc.
      In order to optimize your Zabbix conf file please have a look at Zabbix server graphs first (Monitoring -> Graphs -> Zabbix server -> Gathering processing/Cache size usage)
      3. Use template instead of manually adding metrics/items to hosts.
      4. Do not mess with HA(high availability) if your Zabbix instance is small.
      5. Create more complex triggers in order to avoid unnecessary problems/alerts(i.e. use avg, sum, max, min inside your trigger expression)