Zabbix | How to send alert messages to your phone

You monitor network devices using Zabbix and want alerts sent to your phone. Because you simply can’t sit next to your computer all the time and wait for warnings. This video will show you how to configure Zabbix to send alerts to your phone using Telegram
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13 thoughts on “Zabbix | How to send alert messages to your phone”
  1. Hello, could you upload a video on how to monitor a PPPOE network that is installed in a freer radius and get information such as its IP and up time traffic etc.

  2. Спасибо большое тебе. Ты делаешь много полезных видео. Особенно то что касается администрирования.

  3. Outstanding content you are uploading so far. I'm waiting when you will upload free radius setup.

  4. Again a big thank you, everything works fine by looking at your configurations, could you install and configure Microsoft Exchange 2016?

    thank you

  5. How i cant add all routers, switch and hub in Zibbex? what should i learn to study network topology?

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