Zabbix Dashboards Explained

Zabbix dashboards are the main resource for data visualization within your installation. Flexible widget filtering options allow you to create precise dashboards that will show all necessary data. No need for any third-party visualization resources.

01:50 Dashboard Permissions
03:30 Action log Widget
04:55 Data Overview Widget
06:26 Discovery Status Widget
07:13 Graph Widget
09:45 Graph Prototype Widget
10:00 Host Availability
11:55 Plain Text Widget
12:35 Problem Hosts Widget
15:50 Problem By Severity Widget
16:30 System Information Widget
17:03 Trigger Overview Widget
17:45 Web Monitoring Widget
19:20 URL Widget – Embed any page in Dashboard




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21 thoughts on “Zabbix Dashboards Explained”
  1. Hi Dmitry! Are the following possible in dashboards?
    1. If I have multiple graphs in a dashboard, can I configure them in such a way that the graphs which are now in error is showed at the top of the dashboard and the ones which are fine are shown later?
    2. In a graph, lets say showing the response code of web monitoring url call; can the color of the plotting line be changed based on error values? Like if the url returns 200, the plotting line is green and if its 404 the line becomes red?

  2. Really nice feature, and thank you for your post on this . Also just curious, is there any toggle mode between dashboards (especially for kiosk)

  3. @dmitry thanks for this video, however, i am not able to get the URL page in my widget,it says "Try watching this video on, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser." even though i have enabled java script in my browser-can you pls help

  4. hi using zabbix 5.0 for redhat 7.i want to Monitor PostgreSQL 12 database server another machine. but unable to fatch data dont 9 how to configure .i think zabbix agent and zabbix agent2 related issue..agent1 not support PostgreSQL 12 is this any other issue..plz suggest..

  5. Helpful and interesting video. Thanks Dmitry! So much for connecting sources from the outside into zabbix. Do you have any hints for the other way round? Like retrieving zabbix content from another site or embedding a zabbix dashboard or a map into an intranet or a webview. Ideally without using the zabbix API or grafana. I wanted to build a kiosk monitor to show another map of zabbix every 30 sec. I tried to call a script with GET parameters, as I found somewhere in the documentation, but failed. Perhaps because of wrong permission/authentication settings for guest user – no clue… How would you publish content from within zabbix?

  6. Hi Dimirty, thanks for the great video as always! Can you perhaps also make a video on how to implement the new HashiCorp Vault? I've not found much documentation on this unfortunately

  7. Thank you. Could you please create video about how to fix / modify monitoring templates created for different zabbix server version and make it working in 5.2? There is a lot of templates that are useless becasue they stop working due zabbix changes. For example I have zabbix 4.0.5 working with my windows tempate working fine (testing purpose). I wanted to do full scale monitoring for my 50-60 and use new futures of zabbix 5.2 so I bulid new server with 5.2 zabbix. I cannot import my template due series of errors. How to generally approach template import errors?

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