Zabbix agent User Parameters explained

Sometimes you need to monitor not the most common metric, which can’t be monitored from the box. Using the UserParameters to extend monitoring functionality can help you to create your own, custom monitoring in just a couple minutes.

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23 thoughts on “Zabbix agent User Parameters explained”
  1. I have a question but dont know where to ask.
    If I installed by zabbix-docker,
    how do I restart zabbix-agentd inside the container?
    I'm using docker-compose_v3_centos_mysql_latest.yaml
    and the checkout out the version to 4.2.8

    systemctl restart zabbix-agentd shows me
    Running in chroot, ignoring request.

    Seems that using docker container is easier to installed, but more hard to config?

  2. user parameters are the best way to understand keys….. because you configure it in zabbix_agentd.conf all the magic goes away …. but I was hoping to find a video that explains how to find pre-made keys ( I know the answer lies somewhere in that you must really get to know the documentation ) … Also since I am monitoring Cisco Call Manager I only have SNMP and I am best to use template "HOST-RESOUCRES-MIB" but guess what? I got ONE direct ITEM from that = "system.cpu.util" coming off an OID. I also got memory and disk space from "discovery" where the keys vm.memory.util[memoryUsedPercentage.N][hrStorageSize.N] etc… and[hrStorageSize.N] and vfs.fs.pused[storageUsedPercentage.N] and on and on…………… This is a hard question to ask – but what is the BEST WAY to understand these "keys" that are just there by "magic" … well you know what I mean……….. Thank you

  3. I configured my Zabbix successfully thanks to your help!
    On my linux machine I have many usb dongles connected. I can monitor their data usage, which is nice.
    But I would like to get notified when one of them does not respond for 5 minutes or so.
    Is that possible?

  4. Official video series about Zabbix, great idea.

    Currently I'm in process of exploring a possibility of implementing Zabbix and trying to configure it in my environment, but most of the machines are Windows servers, Exchange servers, etc, and services on them: Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, SQL Servers etc. Is there a chance that some of the following videos could be about monitoring Windows machines? Something like this video, some simple monitoring, and some complex with specific UserParameters, getting parameters from PowerShell CLI or executing custom scripts to get some parameters, etc.

    Thanks in advance.

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