Zabbix Agent - Active Checks

Zabbix agent is one of the most popular Monitoring type choices for OS monitoring. In addition Zabbix provides a possibility to choose how the Agent will operate in terms of networking and internal data processing. In this video we wanted to show you how to configure Active checks in Zabbix that allows to monitor even those environments where incoming connections are not allowed.

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33 thoughts on “Zabbix Agent – Active Checks”
  1. Everything is set, also firewall is disabled on server and client: "active check configuration update from [<zabbix server>:10051] started to fail (ZBX_TCP_READ() timed out) "

  2. Nice explanation.
    I have the following questions for you how to configure the below :-
    ATM Operating System Blue screen

    Host links, Switch links, Card bases

    TCP/IP, Ports, Process

    Transaction Response Time

    Time out


    Approved, Denied, Failed, Reversed, Unsupported, Response Code Errors

    TCP disconnected, MAC errors 14. Geographical display of ATM Networks

    Geographical display of ATM Networks

  3. I am new to zabbix and gone through a few related videos now. You are doing a very good job on explaining zabbix, the speed of demonstration is very good for me and you have a good and clear english also. Thank you!

  4. From what I am understanding, you have to configure active checks on the client side.. Why not just configure the client to ask the server for what it is supposed to check? Wouldn't that make a lot more sense and make life easier?

  5. i have a problem with all windows versions where i don't have any response from zabbix agent on windows and it is red color, i have searched in web but i don't get any solution…please help me

  6. Hi, great video and explanation, It seems like the 'out of the box' templates are mostly built from passive checks. So if I want to offload my server then I have to build my own templates using active checks only? It's impossible to simply choose the way of monitoring without this additional work. Am I right?

  7. Hi team, Can I install Zabbix Agent container in a host then connect and send data in a Zabbix server? Instead of installing Zabbix agent in the host

  8. HI Dmitry,
    I am looking for some help in adding host groups in Zabbix in bulk from CSV file(are sub groups available? I believe not) . also I have to add SNMP hosts in those respective groups around 3000 switches. would you be able to share some script. I also would like to request for a video on Vcanter monitoring with using the tags of Vcentre to create the respective host groups. I have watched your video and I use them as my reference point when I get stuck. your are doing great effort to help other Zabbix enthusiast . I highly appreciate your work. You are doing wonderful work to help and grow the Zabbix community.

    Thanks in advance.

  9. Thanks Dimitry for a very informative vid , It was nice to see how the config file is read and the default values that are taken from the system , have a great one and keep smiling best regards Lance

  10. Another great video, Dmitry! I always find something new and helpful in it. Keep it up! Want to propose a topic for one of the next videos: Remote Commands. Think it would be interesting for many folks. Thanks!

  11. Hi, Thanks for this useful video again. I have a question about active agent registration. Is there any easy way to switch the agent interface to DNS instead of IP? I found how autofill works with PTR records it's fine. I found USEIP field in the DB but I cant find any simple/correct solution to switch it without modifiing the database. I talk about thousands of clients, I dont wanna make it manually of course 🙂

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