Zabbix - A Quick Overview | Fundamentals of Zabbix

This is a quick overview of the widely used network monitoring tool Zabbix. I was going to install Zabbix in my lab to monitor my Physical Servers and Virtual Machines. I thought it would be a good idea to share some videos about Zabbix as well.

I will install Ubuntu server on Intel Nuc in the next video and then we will look at the step by step Zabbix installation on Ubuntu Server.

📹 Video Contents:
00:00 ⏯ Intro
01:00 ⏯ What is Zabbix and how does it monitor
02:43 ⏯ Requirements of Zabbix
04:25 ⏯ How Zabbix retrieves data
05:25 ⏯ Zabbix Templates
07:18 ⏯ Outro

📌 Important Links:
👉 Zabbix Fundamentals blog post:
👉 Zabbix official website:
👉 Check out other videos on my channel:

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16 thoughts on “Zabbix – A Quick Overview | Fundamentals of Zabbix”
  1. Thank you very much.! Your presentation was clear and concise. Superb!
    I was looking for something to monitor our 3cx servers, and this looks like just what the doctor ordered. Much appreciated.

  2. Not a lot going on here other than looking at the Zabbix website. How do you apply hosts to templates? or is it the other way around?

  3. Installing zabbix on nuc instead of running on vm is a bit naive. You still have a SPOF (more resiliant, but still). Did you consider running it in k8s cluster spanning on already existing infrastructure and maybe adding the nuc as the last straw of bulletproofing?

  4. Thank you for creating this video, its really helpful. unable to find the next video, Can you please help, sharing the link.

  5. I configured my host with an SNMPv2 but upon searching in the template, I can't see any option for SNMPv2. I only have "Template Net Network Generic Device SNMP", not SNMPv2. Please help, thanks!

  6. So needed this! Setting this up for my company and found this video and subscribed. Your blog is awesome, too! Thanks for this awesome resource. Keep them coming!

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