you need to learn Docker RIGHT NOW!! // Docker Containers 101

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0:55 ⏩ What is a Virtual Machine?
4:12 ⏩ What is Docker?
16:50 ⏩ Why Docker?

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45 thoughts on “you need to learn Docker RIGHT NOW!! // Docker Containers 101”
  1. Would love to see what you think about Flux/FluxOS, used docker to turn my PC into a node for their decentralized cloud computing platform

  2. Chuck, can you set up a Ubuntu server in VMWare and then set up a webserver in it? All the videos out there I have seen are missing pieces.

  3. I love your explanations in your videos, i understood everything but containers and type 2 VM look similar to me. They both have a host OS, type 2 vm uses hypervisor, the container used docker engine, and they both have different OS running on the hypervisor/docker engine. Or is the difference because on the docker they use similar kernels and on the VM they use completely different OS. I'm new to cloud computing any answer would be really helpful🙏

  4. HI thks a lot .
    could do a video for those who still have to understand how to move from their desktop to docker and then inside container. from the connection to docker from the prompt to …

  5. Is there a Cisco IOS docker? That would virtualize an entire network possibly, CUCM, switches, routers, NGFW etc… i doubt cisco would allow this actually

  6. Docker plus the example of your webpage.. wow sooo umm . Ok I need to duplicate my website and or create a different kind. Sooo umm please let us talk about it so my confusion can fade away.😁 Thank Chuck DMayne

  7. Excellent, I am missing the Desktop UI part, it looks no UI available: Would i be able to browse on youtube withe firefox on a Kali dockerized container ?

  8. Amazing stuff, although instead of sponsored platform you could show how we can do this in our computers locally.

  9. great video, wished you would have shown commands for install wordpress, which I noticed was gone after you first showed it…

  10. Thanks for the video about docker. I would to make a container containing windows server. If you can help in this regard would be very thankful.

  11. This is like when i ride a bike to the bus stop, then get on the bus, arrive at a parking garage where i drive my car to an airplane, then i jump out of the airplane and use a parachute to finally arrive at work where i login to linode to setup docker containers with ubuntu running virtual box with linux. Layers

  12. I tried docker once. It just made me angry. Can't remember what I was trying to do…probably something it wasn't designed for and it gave me so many problems. This makes me want to try it again.

  13. Hello do you have a video about nano server?if so could you please provide me the link thanks

  14. Exsxi is a server virtualization platform. It has thin architecture which automatically removes requirement of creating big patches to upload.Thanks to that small code base doesnt have wider ammount of theoretical security flaws.

  15. Hi great video ! . When I create a virtual machine in docker . Do I have to download the content thats not in the docker "repository "anytime I want to open it ?

  16. is it possible to map the same ports on different container images? like the way you mapped the networkchuk image to 80:80, can i also map the alpine image to 80:80 if i also want to run a webserver on it?

  17. You are the best, thank you so much for the explanation, it was really helpful for me

  18. ESXi stands for Elastic Sky X Integrated. ESXi is a type-1 hypervisor, meaning it runs directly on system hardware without the need for an operating system

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