WinRM Setup [Ansible Tower Windows Automation]

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“WinRM Setup”, part of of the “Ansible Tower ® Difference with Windows Automation” solution demo series, presented by Level Up.

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It’s easy to start automating your Windows systems with Ansible Tower!

Ansible Tower uses your existing domain or local credentials for authentication.

Ansible Tower uses WinRM for transport.

1) Download: ConfigureRemotingForAnsible.ps1:

2) Run: powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy ByPass -File ConfigureRemotingForAnsible.ps1

3) Include these Windows host variables in your job templates or playbooks:

ansible_port: 5986
ansible_connection: winrm

For more info, check out:

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1 Comment
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      May 10, 2022 13:45 pm Reply

      Can you elaborate on the credentials setup?

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