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Why Verasity (VRA) Can Realistically 50X – Verasity Price Prediction


In today’s video we will be discussing Verasity (VRA) and why we think it can realistically 50X. But first let’s answer the question.

What Is Verasity (VRA)?

Verasity (VRA) is the next generation of video-sharing, launching on May 18, 2018, with the goal of creating a fair system for creators to profit from their work and advertisers to maximize their ad spend. 

Verasity accomplishes this, according to its whitepaper, through its proof-of-value (PoV) protocol, product layers, and platform esportfightclub.com — a pro-gaming streaming platform that hosts esports tournaments such as PUBG Mobile — which is the company’s most important use case. Verasity owns and controls the website, which combines all of Verasity’s products into a single platform. VRA rewards are offered for watching, subscribing, and winning as the platforms’ user base grows.

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