Why pro supports are better than you


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    In this video, Jenkins covers some dank warding tricks that TI players are doing in their pubs right before the International.

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    1. wow so im pro😅 the moment i realise sentry can block creep camp i keep doing it so enemy support cant pull or if we have enemy like am, pa , morph etc those hard carries that needed to farm i block their jungle creep camps so they cant farm😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    2. I was so excited about these tips as a new player and felt like a dota god blocking enemy camps. …Our enemy support however did not try to even go near their camp to pull or stack for the duration of my ward. It did feel really good to block the enemies anchient camp for the whole duration of my ward… But my carry ended up ragequitting when I went to do it because I " abandoned him on lane " (at 14 minutes).

    3. So, I've been trying to place wards within the camp's perimeter still, but notice that it seems like the ward must be "in vision" so to speak in order to actually block it…like if it is behind a tree IN the camp still it doesn't block…am I insane or was this as a result of some update?

    4. The mechanics behind "seeing" the ward when hero is up close is the same like a tall wardrobe – you may not be able to see on top of it, but if you're really close you can touch with your hands. I am not making this up, Gaben told me personally!

    5. Please help me with the following:

      1. What buttons to press to display the yellow rectangle area of the neutral camp
      2. How can I plant a tree branch and then eat the tree?

      I know these are silly questions, but I don't know the answer to them.