Why I left my Data Science Job at FANG (Facebook Amazon Netflix Google)

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28 thoughts on “Why I left my Data Science Job at FANG (Facebook Amazon Netflix Google)”
  1. He's not sure of what he wants . He's gone through a lot of experience and it's nice for me to think about it . You are actually a genius , because it is not easy to give up things that seems to be already clearly .

  2. u need other people to succeed! crp!, in data science it's hard to evaluate an employee, cuz their impact cannot be measured like say, a basic factory worker.

  3. I wholeheartedly believe that this style of presentation is the best way to make any non-visual presentation: no distracting background music, optimal cuts, and straight to the points.

  4. There is a huge difference between data scientist and data analyst. As I unredstood you were the second one and your main task was to create a dashbord to show KPI and so on. I'm sure if you did machine learning you would get a high because this is a combination from data analysis, data engineering, creating neural networks and also devops. But anyway u know better what you need. I may wish you only success. I hope I wrote this text correctly cause English is not my native language)

  5. I keep flip flopping back and forth on what I want to do after the educational process. I find myself trying to understand the tech world with all these tutorials and then it hits me fuck…….hold on I need water! Lol!!!!

  6. Kinda sounds like he had a "bullshit job" to me. From his description most of his job was the product manager's responsibilities. And at 8:11 I know bullshit terms when I hear them and "actionable insight" sounds like some shit somebody made up to write in a report to justify there job.

  7. Just found your channel. Very interesting stuff you have here. I'm on the creative side trying to figure out where I should start in terms of data & coding; I know python, but where/what/how. Hmmmm. I need to train my brain to be receptive to this change, it's a whole new world.

    Side note, I love your edits. You remind me of 'Sam Does Art' & 'Yong Company 용형'. Your most definitely a pleasure to watch 😉.

    New Sub. New Luv. 👋🏼👍🏼

  8. Your YouTube analogy of what PMs do is a really horrible and inaccurate description. What you're describing wrt sponsorships is what Marketers and BD folks do, not PMs. A better analogy for the PMs would be something like a director or producer.

  9. There is also the ability to structure and sell the insights and recommendations you created. To do that you need business acumen and influence. That gives the DS role a nice complement apart from the technical skills.

  10. People leave FAANG jobs to pursue other ideas because they got paid too much and now the have a nest egg to rely on. I'm sure if any of us got 250K a year we'd probably quit too and try find a greater purpose.

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