What's new in ZABBIX 5.0

As every LTS release of Zabbix, the 5.0 version came with the list of significant and long-awaited improvements. Let’s take a quick look at the added or improved functionality.

0:36 – Cloud & IPMI
1:42 – Frontend
2:11 – DB Encryption
3:19 – Allow / Deny
4:00 – Macros
4:24 – TimeScale
5:15 – Agent2
6:11 – User Experience
7:18 – Flexibility
8:28 – Low Level Discovery
9:15 – New Menu
10:06 – Out-of-the-box ITSM Integrations
11:00 – Templates
11:36 – Contribution


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7 thoughts on “What's new in ZABBIX 5.0”
  1. I have created some user on zabbix and want to limit hosts that can be added.

    Does anyone know how to set a limit of hosts that can be added per user on zabbix?

  2. 2:35 – have anyone managed to configure this (TLS for Zabbix frontend)? I'm getting "Database error code 2002" when connecting.

  3. Hi,

    I found few issue after upgrading zabbix 5.

    1. unable to install zabbix-agent2 in ubuntu:16.04
    2. when I installed in centos 7 unable to register new node with auto discovery centos nodes but I can register ubuntu nodes it sent alert System name has changed while I haven't changed it get (here is conflict with server host name and agent host name
    3. when ever I restart zabbix it sent alert your /etc/passwd has changed

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