What REALLY is Data Science? Told by a Data Scientist

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50 thoughts on “What REALLY is Data Science? Told by a Data Scientist”
  1. Thanks 👍 currently I'm a Devops Engineer is it a good option to do a ms in data science and switch ? Please advise. Thanks in advance 😊

  2. Best "real world experience" happens at 5 min 17 seconds. Great video and information- thank you!

  3. I've visited other channels on youtube looking for an explanation about this degree, and it was never clear. You have provided me with "all" the information I was looking for. Thank you~🌺❤️

  4. We interviewed Megha Kilaru who works at the University of Chicago Hospital as a data science manager. She told us that the key to breaking into data science is to pair you technical skills with industry experience in a subject you love — for her, that was traditional sciences and healthcare. Data science is a clap — one hand with technical experience and the other with subject matter expertise. The ability to talk both languages is critical for application, interview, and on-the-job success.

    See her talk here: https://youtu.be/Jrt5o5qwQsM

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  5. could someone who completes the “data science career track bootcamp” w springboard secure a data scientist position like you’ve described here?

  6. Hello, I would like to learn more about Data Engineering. Your videos are interesting and helpful. You do a great job, and they are extremely creative. Your picture is cool! Congratulations on your career in Data Sci. These videos are nothing like I've heard or seen before and very insightful. I am a Cybersecurity Major at Arizona of Phoenix and I love it there. Your videos are very encouraging to me. Keep up the nice work!<3

  7. Hi Joma Tech! I was caught by your wonderful explanation of what Data Science & how can be a data scientist. Do you know any institutions that could help me learn to be a data scientist? Appreciate your time.

  8. that's how institutions are made in a vibrant society,
    the video is made before the pandemic ; )

  9. Nobody is talking about Kendell Jenner in the advanced model slide 😂
    Love the video, thanks for the insights

  10. wait so natural sciences degree ( chemistry and physics) lead onto Data Science jobs but so does Computer science degrees and Data science degrees? Is there a demand for these jobs? What should I Choose?

  11. A/B Testing video please. Sort of a practicality and actual use of it in the field if you could.

  12. Been statistics student, I fancy myself to be a Data Analyst. It's been months looking for my first entry level DA roles. But most of them need 3-5 years of experience plus tones of software skills even for junior DA. I start doubting myself. And decide to have other than DA roles jobs meanwhile up skilling myself. I still want to believe that I can make it to my dream jobs. ☺️

    Thank you for this video.

  13. Hi, I don’t have programming backgrounds, but I’m interested in this DS. But to understand it, do i have to understand programming language first? Or how do i start it? Thanks in advance!

  14. What should be noted as well is that machine learning also has quite a bit of applications beyond buisiness infomatics. Robotics, aeronautics, industrial equipment, video game ai, anomaly detection software, ect. Will involve a machine learning model. We might be veering off from the data science world to the machine learning engineer world, but note that these applications exist.

  15. I watched the whole video carefully and still don't understand what is data science. I must be basic. 😂

  16. I love the part where he talked about “advanced data models” at the 4:45 mark of this video then flashed a picture of Kendall Jenner 😂

  17. Can you talk more about analytics and how big companies get insights into their products?

  18. I don't know if anyone will see this but can I have a chat with one of yall Data Scientists? I'm a film grad amd I'd like to have a general chat about data science applications. I may ask stoopid question since I have no clue what any if this is really…but I know what Rodinal Special is and you don't so it balances out I think 😉😉.

  19. I don’t know why these data scientist pretend to look important and keep talking up with what they do in their everyday job as a huge thing. The whole process is exactly the same thing as what a psychology final year graduate would do in their process! And more than that the psych grads had to do the write up as well!

  20. thank brother for this video please keep making such videos coz they push some of us. i am software developer and i truly need to be a data engineer, what things must i have to achieve that please.

  21. The entire data science scene on YouTube is one of the most convoluted I have ever come across. You guys use the most complicated programs and lingo and each one of you tells a different story about what data science is.

  22. Ironic that a company that says so much about Data Science and evidence-based decision making actually makes decisions on no evidence at all, like preventing YouTuber's from declaring their name in conjunction with their self-made video, even though that is actually an anti-scientific principle. Sceintists usually need the most freedom to think and ponder. Yes, they'll give them that but freedom of association? Freedom of speech no that you cannot have. Anti-scientific. All sicence is based on the freedom to experiment. This is what I hate about hypocrites that say they support science but they really have power, greed, tribalism, and egoistic agenda in terms of economic competition. They don't really like evidence only until the evidence supports their own agenda. Yet they don't even give that freedom to their brightest minds…

  23. Great explanation – we can recommend studying Applied Data Science in Vienna! Students from all over the world are welcome!

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