What is Virtualization-Hindi/Urdu | VCP6.7-DCV Tutorials | What is Hypervisor | VMware ESXi

Lec-01 This is the fundamental lecture of virtualisation,in this lecture,i explained everything in a very lucid language with lots of real time examples.must watch and like this video.
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33 thoughts on “What is Virtualization-Hindi/Urdu | VCP6.7-DCV Tutorials | What is Hypervisor | VMware ESXi”
  1. Best Lecture. Thank you sir. The way you explain the whole topic no other teacher does that. Love from Bangladesh. ❤️🇧🇩

  2. hindustan ki khoobsorti aap logon ki wajah say hi hai … allah aapko salamat rakhay aur duniya aur aakhirat ki har khushi day ………. keep going u doing excellent in sha allah i will support u as well

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