What is OpenShift?


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    OpenShift is a platform that allows you to run containerized applications and workloads, and it is powered by Kubernetes under the covers. There are many flavors available with OpenShift, and each helps streamline the day-to-day tasks for developers and operations engineers.

    Check out this quick overview video with Sai Vennam as he goes through each layer of the OpenShift architecture and explains how a developer and operations engineer can each take advantage of using OpenShift.

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    1. Tried the labs but says only certain users can do them – what does that mean when I try and report the issue I get "Something went wrong" message – thanks for this intro agree with others that it's good and takes the mystery out of these new technologies and where they stand wrt each other

    2. I think you should improve this video with bad and good specially bad things, because OpenShift doesn't offer support for Windows. So if i need Linux or MAC to install OpenShift I need to buy a computer and install Linux and then start the installation on the cluster which is weird. I am still waiting for 2 years for that support but i have the feeling will come in 2041

    3. What I really like about Sai is that he is focused and tries to bring out very useful points for learners. Additionally, he actions are very meaningful without any distracting behaviour in terms of how he presents everything. Really well speaker with clear words and sentences. Thanks for helping everyone understand so well.