What is Kubernetes?

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Welcome to the first episode of Kubernetes Essentials from Google Cloud! In this series, we’ll cover anything having to do with Kubernetes. In this first episode, we speak to what Kubernetes is, and how you can use it to resolve issues with monolithic applications. Watch to learn the basics of Kubernetes and how to integrate it into your own developer projects!

0:00 – Intro
0:17 – So what is Kubernetes
1:15 – What problems does it solve?
3:34 – When should people start using it?
4:08 – Recap

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Disclaimer: This is a Google Cloud series and is not affiliated with the Linux Foundation.


40 thoughts on “What is Kubernetes?”
  1. No good. I could read this everywhere. Still no understanding. I was expecting an example. Thumbs down.-

  2. I have so many questions after watching this…

    Is he wearing a blazer with a perfectly matching hoodie? Is it a blazer with a built-in hoodie? Is it a hoodie with blazer lapels? I need answers!

  3. Great now down the rabbit hole. Time to find out what’s a monolith. What’s a container. Ugh

  4. I have been watching tutorials for Kubernetes and absolutely no one can teach as easy as you do guys, I'm impressed. Thank you so much.

  5. Just another layer in the ever increasing accidental complexity trap the industry is building every day.

  6. So "orchestrator" makes you think of "orchestra", thanks for making such a leap, I could not have done it alone!

  7. What's the difference between a program and an application? Is an application an ensemble of programs working together?

  8. Oh that first paragraph of what Kubernetes is reminds me of the explanation that the CEO of Bitcoin provided to Conan for what Bitcoin is.

  9. This feels like a good video for someone who's already familiar with the concept. I have no clue what Kubernetes is and still don't after watching the video.

  10. Thanks to the subtitles, I know that the guy’s name is SPEAKER 1. Keep it up, SPEAKER 👍

  11. In a nutshell, Kubernetes is a container-orchestrator when running specific kinds of apps called microservices, but they too find application in monoliths.

  12. Awesome video, I've been trying to understand Kubernetes for a day now, and this made it simple and it has finally clicked. Thanks!

  13. I wish I could understand this but either my brain is half-dead or these people aren't talking in english

  14. hi i am working on windows 10

    when i try to execute the CMD (kubectl create -f nginx-deployment.yml)

    error: the path "nginx-deployment.yml" does not exist

    please help me ,

  15. I hear Kubernetes a lot in my field but is it the only primary source for container management? If not, do they all work the same? Seems lately like people are learning one specific name tool but who's to say that it is the standard use? Example would be everyone and their brother spending hours learning AWS and finally getting certified. But what if the company you want to work for only runs on Azure?

  16. Still confused.
    I understand this is not a replacement for Docker. Docker is installed ontop of Kubernetes.
    1. Is Kubernetes some Google product push?
    2. Is Kubernetes a replacement for other hypervisors?
    3. Is Kubernetes a replacement for RanchOS?
    4. What exactly is RanchOS as RanchOS and Kubernetes seem to be pushed a lot?

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