What Is Kubernetes (k8s)? Kubernetes Explained

What is Kubernetes (k8s)? A container orchestrator? Cluster OS? A control plane? Something else?

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00:00 Introduction?
02:01 Kubernetes Control Plane
04:40 Kubernetes Worker Nodes
11:03 Manage Applications In Kubernetes
14:26 Manage Application Infrastructure With Kubernetes
17:21 Manage VMs With Kubernetes
19:58 Manage External Resources With Kubernetes
22:04 What Is Kubernetes?


20 thoughts on “What Is Kubernetes (k8s)? Kubernetes Explained”
  1. Add all of this to manage 1-5 simple Django backend apps with some background workers that is what I saw in 90% of deployments where k8s was used as a not proper tool at all. 
    If you have < 100-200 services don't even touch it. No reason. If you have one region ->, don't use it. If you have < 100 requests/s don't even look at it.
    Then almost every startup is 1-thing is k8s integration where they don't have many customers, such a failure. In the end, money spends on DevOps gurus instead of products.

  2. Hey Viktor, This is the detailed explanation of Kubernetes so far we have ever read or seen. Managing VM's or external resource through Kubernetes was completely new thing to us.

    Looks like the controller are the component which are doing the heavy lifting inside Kubernetes. If possible can you make a detail video around Controllers, CRD's and control loops. That will be super helpful for overall understanding.

    Thanks a lot for the awesome work you are doing. We really appreciate it. Cheers !!

  3. K8s is so mainstream now that many of us take it for granted. Nobody bothers to define it or explain it anymore. You making this video in 2022 is much appreciated. 🙏 Good work

  4. If we deploy a taxi booking app on Kubernetes, taxi booking does not become a feature of Kubernetes. Similarly, if we deploy something that can create and manage an external resource, that does not become part of Kubernetes. Only things that are documented in Kubernetes documtantion can be considered part of Kubernetes, everything else is "user code" running on Kubernetes.

  5. I agree with you, Viktor. When I teach Kubernetes to juniors from my team, I compare it to a cloud.
    Kubernetes is a naked cloud that provides computing, networking, and storage primitives. In the same way, AWS did it, you can then build custom "services" on top of those primitives to provide self-service to your teams (custom controllers).
    The remaining part is just to explain to them the concept of state machines, control loops and usually, they start to understand the potential of this project.

  6. Keep up the excellent work Victor. Your videos are always interesting to watch and learn from, even when they are on topics which people think they already know about like "What is Kubernetes?"

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