What is Google Cloud?

Are you new to Google Cloud? In this video, Ryan Matsumoto, Developer Advocate at Google, discusses a high level overview of Google Cloud and how it can help you as a developer. Welcome to Google Cloud Essentials!

0:00 – Intro
0:21 – What is cloud computing?
0:39 – What is a Google data center?
1:06 – Scalability with Cloud Spanner
2:11 – Running code
2:33 – Storing data
3:08 – AI & machine learning tools
3:55 – What is Vertex AI?
4:08 – A use case for Google Cloud
4:57 – Wrap up

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10 thoughts on “What is Google Cloud?”
  1. I couldn’t find a good tutoriql about deploying a python api for example beside a vue js app!. If firebase ha this capability. Appreciated to create about this.

  2. While trying to create a free trial account, it is causing unnecessary stoppage and mainly we are not able to create free trial account for indian people?
    pls look into it..thank you

  3. I’m more interested in Data, DB related opportunities in Google. How can I get into Big query, spanner related jobs in google?

  4. The way google names their product has so little meaning to the product itself. Just require more unnecessary brain storage to learn.

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