What is Data Lake (2019) | Data Lake vs Data Warehouse (English Subtitles)

What is Data Lake in 2019 | Data Lake vs Data Warehouse (English Subtitles)
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In this video, I have explained what is Data lake and how it is different from a Data warehouse and a Database.

The data lake is an emerging technology that has redefined the way we extract, store and analyze data. The data lake is different from data warehouse in many aspects but the main difference is in its philosophy. Data lake philosophy says – LOAD FIRST, THINK LATER whereas Data warehouse philosophy is THINK FIRST, LOAD LATER

Data lake is like a real lake which gets water from all the different sources of water like rain, rivers, tributaries, and sewers, etc, similarly data lake get all kinds of data from all kind of source systems. Data lake can contain structured, semi-structured, unstructured data, images, logs. Datawarehouse, on the other hand, can only store structured data as per defined business requirements.

Iss video me maine bataya hai ki Data lake kya hota hia aur ye kaise data warehouse aur database se kaise alag hai

Data lake bahut tezi se grow hone wali technoloy hai jisne data extraction, storage and analysis ko redefine kiya hai. Data lake aur data warehouse kafi alag hain lekin main difference inki basic philosphy ka hai. Data lake ki philosphy hai – pehle data load karo baad me socho ki ye data kaise user karna hai jabki data warehouse kehta hai – pehle socho kya karna hai fir uske hisaab se data load karo.

Data lake ek lake ki tarah hi hota hai jaha par har jagah se pani aa sakta hai,nadiyon, barish. Issi tarah data lake me bhi data kisi bhi source system se aa sakta hai aur kisi bhi type ka data store ho sakta hai. Data lake mein structured, unstructured, semi structured, images logs har type ka data aa sakta hai. Jabki datawarehouse meing sirf structured data store ho sakta hai.

***** Data lake Features *****

1) Load First, Think Later
2) Stores all type of data
3) Low-cost storage
4) Agile and Flexible
5) Suitable for advanced data analytics – Data scientists
6) Security is still maturing

***** Data warehouse Features *****

1) Think First, Load Later
2) Stores only structured data
3) High-cost storage
4) Less Agile and Rigid
5) Suitable for business reporting – Business users
6) Security is matured

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  1. A very brilliant presentation. I feel like I know all there is to both Data Warehouse and Data Lake. Kudos!!

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