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With all this talk of Big Data, we got Rebecca Tickle to explain just what makes data into Big Data.

MapReduce: https://youtu.be/cvhKoniK5Uo


This video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley.

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33 thoughts on “What is Big Data? – Computerphile”
  1. I've realized that 5 V makes for a very nice mnemonic. V is 5 in roman numerals, so you can pretty easily remember that there are 5 Vs.
    It's probably just an accident, but makes it things a little easier to remember c:

  2. Big Data is the bigger danger of recent time. Politicians controlling the masses using social media data is very scary and should be illegal….. i know more than i should

  3. Can someone explain me the difference between Big Data, ETL (Datawarehouse), and Data Engineer.
    I'm really confused

  4. You guys.. Big Data is Bad-Assed Band… They are known for being 'Dangerous' .. And they are Here

  5. Can you please stop writing on paper with markers or atleast suppress the sound of it?

    The sound gives me goosebumps while watching videos. Doesn't it happen to anyone else?

  6. Only the first 3 Vs given are actually particular to defining Big Data. If the data is such Volume, Velocity, and/or Variety that traditional data management can't handle it well, then it's Big Data. Value and Veracity apply just as well to a single data point. If the data (no matter its size or shape) has no value, then there is no reason to collect or store it. If the data (no matter its size or shape) lacks veracity, then its value is questionable.

  7. the lack of technical words being used to describe computers and the database hurts. relational database, datacenter, server

  8. Sorry but there is no such thing as Big Data. There might be big database, or big chunks of data, large amount of data, heaps of data. But data in computer term is just a collection of what we humans classify/distinguish/label as "1s & 0s"

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