What is Azure in Hindi | Learn Microsoft Azure Free Online | Azure Hindi | Jagvinder Thind

Azure Hindi Microsoft Azure Tutorial For Beginners by Jagvinder Thind Explained Azure Cloud Computing Platform 1st part of Azure Full Course
Microsoft Azure Hindi Playlist All Videos | Azure 2022

DNS in Hindi Playlist by Jagvinder Singh Thind –

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40 thoughts on “What is Azure in Hindi | Learn Microsoft Azure Free Online | Azure Hindi | Jagvinder Thind”
  1. sir, is there complete AZ-104 course available…actually i more comfortable and understanding the concept from ur teching skill…so if u have kindly let me knw sir.

  2. Thind Sahab,Thanks for making this video series. It will for sure, help beginners struggling to understand what is cloud and how to start their path in Microsoft Azure Cloud.

  3. Sir aap personal classes bhi lete hai kya? if yes pls provide your mail id or phone no. so that we can contact you . Thanks

  4. we like to associate with you as a firm for your expert technical adviser to our team of IT Administrators

  5. Your organization doesn't allow you to download, print or syn using this device to ues theses action,use a device that a joined to a domain . error showing

  6. welcome back sir !! Long time waiting for this course. Thank you very much sir for all your effort !!

  7. Sir , up ke video ,Bohut he achaa hota hai , . Main kolkata se huu.. khub valo apnar video ..

  8. Sir, thank you for starting Azure series. I have started learning Windows server from your vidoes only. I am very happy to see Azure series.

  9. Jagvinder sir, I started my career in 2010 with help of your videos.
    Now a days I was looking for Azure certifications and by God's grace you are back ๐Ÿ™

  10. Great fan of your videos Sir, helped me lot at startup of my IT Career. Thank you very much.. Please continue the good work. All the best..

  11. I seen all your old videos and learned a lot from you , Thanks for your video and good luck and welcome back … Thanks Sir

  12. Thank you sir ๐Ÿ™, I am watching your informative videos these videos help me a lot because I am from IT background.

  13. Nice to see cloud video sir, I started by carrier by learning form your CCNA videos way back in 2015. Thank you very much.

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