What is AWS In Telugu
26 thoughts on “What is AWS In Telugu”
  1. I got a offer from 2 companies, one is work for C# and SQL as jr. software engineer and another one is for cloud(AWS and Azure) as cloud trainee, both companies will provide 3months training and after that take as full time employee to their company itself. but I need to pick only one which one is best in the view of future? And both companies will provide 10k as stipend for 3months..after 3months it will hike based on my performance but which one to choose?

  2. Hello sir devops ki AWS full course nerchukovala leka meeru chesina devops full course video saripotunda please tell me sir

  3. Hey , can you please make a full courses tutorial on aws and do mention how to hunt jobs for this specific field as a fresher . Please this could be more helpful

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