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    Why AWS is important?

    There are various upcoming companies who have leveraged AWS cloud solutions for their growth. AWS was the first company which started to provide cloud solutions on a large scale. It has consistently grown and developed itself to be at the top today. It is ranked as the foremost cloud provider by Gartner in terms of completeness of vision and ability to execute.

    Why should you opt for an AWS career?

    If you want to fast-track your career then you should strongly consider AWS. Today cloud computing is no longer optional but critical to the success of some of the biggest enterprises on earth. The Intellipaat AWS course is completely oriented towards the practical applications and hence gives you a clear advantage.
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    1. Thanks for the great tutorial. I have a problem hope you can help:
      I don't have a web server but I need to forward traffic based on the port numbers, is it possible? For example, if the traffic received in ports [3001 to 3200] of the Load balancer forward them to instance A, and if they received in ports [3201 to 3400] forward them to instance B (so I can not specify a specific number in the URL or a string like blog or everything else which you did, it is a range of port numbers). And it would be great if they get forwarded to the same port of the instances as they received on the load balancer.
      It is very important for me, please help.