What is AWS CloudFormation?

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In this video, Jeremy Cioara covers Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) CloudFormation. This is a method to create or manage a collection of AWS resources. You’ll create and modify the runtime parameter templates while AWS handles all of the dependencies. CloudFormation is often described as “Infrastructure As Code.”

CloudFormation is a powerful tool that allows you to get the most out of your AWS resources. Jeremy defines this tool as “automation and elasticity realized.”

Amazon provides the ability to create AMIs, where you can build your server and then freeze it into an AMI image. Once this is complete, you can instantly replicate it into multiple instances and scale it using a feature called “auto-scaling on the fly.”

CloudFormation takes this entire process to another level, drastically simplifying the process of scaling your infrastructure. Amazon refers to this as “infrastructure as code,” allowing you to rapidly build templates that can be used to replicate and amplify what you can do with AWS.

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  1. Thank you. That was really helpful especially where you explained that deleting a cloud formation template will delete its paid for resources too.

  2. Jesus I have never watched a video on AWS that was so entertaining and attention grabbing. Thank you.

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