What is Ansible?

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How can you replace your repetitive, mundane IT tasks and become more productive and efficient?

In this lightboard video, Sai Vennam with IBM Cloud, visually explains how Ansible, an open source IT automation tool originally developed by Red Hat, can help you automate repetitive system administration tasks by walking through three key uses cases.

0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Provisioning use case
2:07 – Config management use case
2:41 – Declarative
3:29 – Ansible Playbook
6:22 – Agent-less
7:53 – Idempotent
9:04 – Community driven
10:32 – App deployment use case

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31 thoughts on “What is Ansible?”
  1. excellent explanation! Usually people that know as much as you do have problems explaining/teaching the subjecrt but that is not the case with you. Thank you for the clarity

  2. What did you use to create the screen overlay (Glass andmarker, or tablet and software?)

  3. It is agentless but I need first to set SSH on all of my systems manually….

  4. Thanks for the video! So, it's basically an open source version of SCCM with task sequences, supporting grouping of servers

  5. Could Ansible be implemented in Industrial scale and Mid scale Manufacturing, &/ or CnC Machines?

  6. Once again, very helpful video, though I had difficulty following the teaching initially. Had to look up a more basic definition of Ansible and its use cases, before finally understanding. It all made sense in the end. Thank you.

  7. You come on this channel as a noobie and leave feeling like you're ready to publish an online course. Good stuff.

  8. Its funny how Network engineers are using Ansible and Software Developers are using Terraform…..LOL
    By the way Cisco requires Ansible in its test to become CCNA certified. – But DevOps & other Software Engineers certification requires Terraform.
    Also ( 6:20 ) Terraform operate's using an agentless architecture. — This person in this video claiming that Anisible is the only one that is agentless is false…

  9. 1. How do you make sure you have the correct inventory on all machines used to run Ansible?
    2. How do you make sure you have the last version of the playbook?
    3. How do you apply one version of the playbook to one group of hosts and another version to another group of hosts?

  10. Thanks Sai , your way of explaining was really good and thanks for posting … you are awesome

  11. Please do create complete courses along with free labs it will empower more people and poor students like us. God bless. Please think about this and come up with courses and labs. Really appreciate the content and it is awesome.

  12. We just need Python installed on the target VMS we want to SSH. But good introduction. Ansible is written in PYTHON.

  13. first of all STOP writing opposite like that, it creaps me out, i know its an software. but i am creaping out just thinking how could he write that way

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