What is Ansible | Ansible Playbook explained | Ansible Tutorial for Beginners

In this Ansible Tutorial I explain what is Ansible, how Ansible works and why to use Ansible for automating IT tasks.
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Ansible is an automation tool for IT tasks. It is popular and widely accepted, because 1) it’s usage of simple YAML language and 2) support for all types of infrastructure starting from Clouds to Virtual to bare metal servers.

In this video I explain examples of various IT tasks and how Ansible helps automate them to make daily DevOps tasks more efficient and less time consuming. 🙌🏼

I explain HOW Ansible does all this by going through its architecture:
👉🏼 Ansible Modules (small programs that get executed on target machines)
👉🏼 Ansible Playbook (instructions on HOW these programs get executed)
👉🏼 Ansible Inventory (list of hosts, WHERE those programs gets executed)

In the end I also show how Ansible makes working with Docker more efficient and powerful and how it compares to similar automation tools like Puppet and Chef.

0:00 – Start
0:26 – What is Ansible?
0:45 – Why use Ansible?
4:13 – Ansible is agentless
5:20 – Ansible Modules explained
7:00 – YAML Syntax
7:48 – Ansible Playbook explained
11:50 – Ansible Inventory
12:47 – Ansible for Docker
14:40 – Ansible Tower
15:05 – Ansible vs Puppet and Chef

– Ansible Collections List:

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45 thoughts on “What is Ansible | Ansible Playbook explained | Ansible Tutorial for Beginners”
  1. I have struggled with Ansible since 2014 and this short video has clarified so much!! Thank you.

  2. Mam recently learned docker from your video on docker tutorials. Mam it's a request if you can make a detailed zero to hero video for Ansible and Terraform technology. It will benefit a lot of people who are aspiring to learn this new technology.
    Many thanks for your informative video.

  3. Kinda sounds like this product is for noob admins who would rather install and learn a whole new thing than just learn to code. Like, who tf is logging into all these hosts to perform the same IT task? Do you not know how to automatically run a bash script on them all at the same time? No? And rather than learn, you'd prefer to install a bloated software middleman and its additional server load so you can define your tasks in yaml instead of sh?

  4. It is great as it is Agentless but only for linux nodes, what about windows nodes where it needs to run Remoting powershell script beforehand , though it is not equivalent to agent but still it needed, right?
    or I am missing something ?

  5. Hi thx for this video.
    At 11', is the syntax exact?
    No dash before first playbook, but one dash before the second? (on the host key line)
    Same at 11'45

  6. I feel like every time I want to learn about something your videos are the top result. Thanks for being the guide to my DevOps journey.

  7. This is the 3rd video I have watched of yours, Nana. Can I just say that you are a very talented teacher. I really appreciate the fact I can have this content for free. It is directly helping me do my job. Thank you!

  8. I just watched by seeing your picture in the thumbnail.. pls do show your face in videos too 🤭

  9. I just heard about Ansible before couple of days. Wanted to know how exactly it works. Here we go. This video is informative for me. Thank You.

  10. I literally search for you first whenever I know I want to study a specific DevOps tech tool. I watched your Kube video for an hour and the presentation, graphics and ease of understanding just blew me away. Awesome work. Now i'm following you for Ansibles

  11. mam you help me a lot.. if in my life i ever get a chanse to come to your country then I will meet you mam to thanks you.. love from india

  12. Well Explained … but I would suggest you to cover Anisble Roles and Variables as well .. so that it will be a complete package !!!!!

  13. Thank you very much for well structured video which is packed with a lot of information and gave me a great introduction into ansible. Amazing work!

  14. would you mind clearing my 1 doubt, that suppose we install python with apt , so, after that python may have installed at any path in the node(host), and obviously, we need to set this path in env variable as well in $PATH, so that python or suppose any other tool can be accessible from any path, So, ansible does it automatically or we have to separately set that path also in $PATH.

  15. Hi @Nana
    How to pass user and pass in get_url task in ansible playbook.Thanks in advance

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