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What is an AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)? – AWS Training


In this video AWS Lead, Stuart Scott reviews what an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) is and what it’s used for. Watch the full course https://cloudacademy.com/course/using-elastic-load-balancing-ec2-auto-scaling-support-aws-workloads/ to learn how to implement both Elastic Load Balancing and EC2 Autoscaling and how they can work together. They are widely used features within AWS to maintain reliability, availability and reduce costs within your environment.

This course learning objectives are:
– Understand what an elastic load balancer is and what is used for
– Be aware of the different load balancers available to you in AWS
– Understand how ELBs handle different types of requests, including those that are encrypted
– Be able to identify the different components of ELBs
– Know how to configure ELBs
– Know when and why you might need to configure an SSL/TLS certificate
– Understand what EC2 auto scaling is
– Be able to configure auto-scaling launch configurations, launch templates, and auto-scaling groups
– Explain why you should use ELBs and auto-scaling together

This course has been created for engineers who are responsible for the day to day operations of maintaining and managing workloads across AWS. It is also recommended for solution architects who are designing solutions across AWS infrastructure. It is also designed for anyone planning to take the AWS Cloud Practitioner or one of the three AWS Associate level certifications.

Enroll on the full course at https://cloudacademy.com/course/using-elastic-load-balancing-ec2-auto-scaling-support-aws-workloads/


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