What Is a Data Warehouse?

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What Is a Data Warehouse? Data warehousing is one of the hottest topics both in business and in data science. But if you’re new to the field, you’re probably wondering what a data warehouse is, why we need it, and how it works. Don’t worry because in 4 minutes you’ll know the answers to all these questions.

First, let’s start with a definition: what is the meaning of the phrase: ‘Single source of truth’. In information systems theory, the ‘single source of truth’ is the practice of structuring all the best quality data in one place.

But what if you knew that there is one single place where you would always have the single source of information? That would be quite helpful wouldn’t it? Well, a data warehouse exists to fill that need.

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27 thoughts on “What Is a Data Warehouse?”
  1. You said that data warehouse is the single source of truth. But if the company has some other data which they want to store elsewhere then how and why would data warehouse be the single source of truth??

  2. data warehouse

    final final really final ???
    what is the single source of data truth

    subject oriented: only interested data
    integrated: common standard
    time variant: historical data
    nonvolatile: can not be changrd or deleted

  3. What if I want to retrieve different versions of the data, like I may need to have some previous dataset which was modified by now. Can I retrieve it from a data warehouse?

  4. I've watched 2833875 videos explaining what a data warehouse is and I still don't know if it's physical or just a drive

  5. so… is it like a personal software or something of a company that allows access to its data? like, what does it "look" like?

  6. A data warehouse is a single source of truth. It contains all the data of a company. It is a source of information. The features of the data warehouse are:
    1. Non Volatile: meaning data once stored will not go away.
    2. Summarized: The data is processed, segmented and stored so that analytics tool can use them
    3. Time Variant: It stores data for a period of time. It also contains historical data.
    4. Integrated: It has work with various analytics and reporting tools.
    5. Subject Oriented: Its stores data related to a subject.

    Data Warehouses are used for analysis and reporting and various analysis and reporting tools use data from the warehouse.

  7. In datawarehusing we call it as single source but in MDM we call it as best version of truth. good content

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    더 이상 이런 과제는
    내지 말아주세요

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