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What is a Data Warehouse & How Does it Work with ERP?


What is a Data Warehouse and how does data warehousing work with ERP?
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For newcomers to the world of Business Intelligence (BI), it’s easy to get lost in the huge ecosystem of technologies available on the market. If you search up “Business Intelligence” online, you will see results for Data Visualization, OLAP, ETL, Analytics and of course Data Warehousing.

In this short video, I want to define for you what exactly Data Warehousing is, how it works and how you can leverage a powerful Data Warehouse like Google BigQuery with a Cloud ERP like Oracle NetSuite.

Neil Stolovitsky has over 20 years of IT experience with end-user, consulting, & vendor organizations. He has written blogs, white papers and countless articles on Business Intelligence, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Professional Services Automation (PSA), Project Portfolio Management, IT Governance, as well as Product Development in software. Today, Neil is the Product Manager for GURUS Solutions and their line of NetSuite Data Tools.
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