What is a Data Warehouse -  Explained with real life example | datawarehouse vs database (2020)

What is a Data Warehouse – Explained with real-life example | datawarehouse vs database (2020)
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About this video –
In this video, we will understand what is a datawarehouse using a very simple really life example. A data warehouse is nothing more than a storeroom of your house. Data warehouse stored all your enterprise data into a centralized location and hence called EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse). So in this video we will cover –

1) What is a Warehouse ?
2) Real-life example to explain datawarehouse ?
3) Various data warehousing stages
4) Characteristics of a datawarehouse

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48 thoughts on “What is a Data Warehouse – Explained with real life example | datawarehouse vs database (2020)”
  1. Really good video, so basically the diffrence against a regular SQL Database, is that the datawarehouse contains already analyzed, summarized data, correct?

  2. just wanted to remark, that the "SUBJECT ORIENTED DATAWAREHOUSE" are actually DataMarts, the combined DataMart unify into a complete DataWarehouse

  3. The best and simplest way of educating on DWH. Thank you so much for your valuable video. It really helps.

  4. Your videos are really very well explained! Please take suggestions for future videos! 🙂

  5. Very crisp and clear explanation..not a single second I felt bore.. It was so informative👍

  6. Great content! This is a subject I sudyed during my engineering career and never fully understood. Thanks to this video, I finally know what a data warehouse is. From now, I am a follower. Thank you and greetings from Cuba.

  7. You are amazing. I got the best idea about data warehousing through your video. I watched so many videos but only this one gave me the best knowledge. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!

  8. Thank you bro! You've explained clearly in 10 minutes what my professor did in 3 hours. Damn

  9. Hello Thank you sharing your knowledge. However I am still not clear about its architecture difference between database and Datawarehouse , what if I create Dimension table and Fact table in Database for any subject out of single souce file in database, will that become data warehouse in the database? Could you please explain the difference of its architecture ?

  10. I am so happy I found you online.. You have a gift of teaching in a very understandable manner. Keep it up!

  11. I dont understand why you dont have so little followers and not in the 100T range this channel is great

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