What Is a Data Warehouse?

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What’s is a data warehouse, and how does it compare to a data mart and data lake? Is a data warehouse solution only for large enterprises?

In this lightboard video, Luv Aggarwal with IBM Cloud, answers these questions and many more as he breaks down what a data warehouse is and the benefits it can provide for an enterprise.

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12 thoughts on “What is a Data Warehouse?”
  1. Thanks for your explanation. I just figured out that this youtube channel @ibmcloud is "made for kids" don''t know why so! As with this setting I or maybe other users too are unable to get notification when this channel posts any video or update. Please correct it as these terms & content of this channel is a little bit above the level of kids I thought so!

  2. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the guy's ability to write right to left in English? That is amazing!

  3. Solid explanation … A minor suggestion though … how about describing the acronyms (e.g. ETL, ERP, …) a bit so the context could be better understood …

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