What Does An AWS Solutions Architect Actually Do?

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So… What does a Solutions Architect at ACTUALLY do at AWS?

Lucy here! šŸ‘‹ I’ve been working as an Associate Solutions Architect at AWS for 1 year, and in this video I talk about:

0:00 Intro
0:51 What does an AWS Solutions Architect do?
2:31 Roles & responsibilities
4:28 What does my day looks like?

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43 thoughts on “What Does An AWS Solutions Architect Actually Do?”
  1. Hi Lucy, this video was so helpful. What's the average study time needed to get ready for the AWS SAA exam ? and is this possible without getting the practitioner cert ?

  2. Hey, thanks for the video & explanation. I have one more query, is it a role for people with MBA qualification or this can also be offered to tech. people only ? As alot of time, SAs are doing management stuff such as interacting with clients, managing new joinee/intern etc.; So I am abit confused whether it is applicable for people with MBA or not ? Kindly clarify it as i am someone with an MBA & want to get into a management type positiob at Amazon. So need your help in this. TIA

  3. Hey Lucy this video is totally awesome! may I know how to get an internship in AWS SA ?

  4. Lucy I want you to know youā€™re amazingggg! I spent my day off watching your videos & I think I fell in love with the Solutions Architect Role. Me and my boyfriend feel like this is the one for us! I canā€™t wait to start this journey and we are so grateful to you for sharing your knowledge with us in such a detailed way! šŸ’– blessings on your journey with AWS

  5. I know aws has a military program. But unable to sign up or find it in general. I have a very unique situations where I spent the last 10 years since I got out of the military trying to get better from my injuries I had gotten from my service… Long story short, I have not worked in 10 years but have been in college for the last three years and been studying at CTU for a BSIT in Software Systems engineering (Solutions Architect on the software side is what I think it translates to but not %100 sure)… My grad date is 01/2023…

    Anyways, thanks for the video, guess my question is how do I find a aws Mentor or at the bare minimum talk to someone to see how my college degree translates to jobs at aws..

    -Mysql and nosql using GUI method of input
    – centralized and decentralized applications
    – distributed Ledger technology (Web3)
    – software requirements Gathering
    -PMI including hybrid waterfall / agile models
    – software architecture and Quality control
    – and currently taking classes at ZTM (zero to master coding boot camp)
    – fcc amateur radio technician lvl license
    – military Logistics and motor transportation (88M & 92A Mos)
    – Front-end Web Development (learning now) w/ HTML/CSS, JavaScript (no projects done yet)
    – live in the Seattle / Tacoma area

    Any advice would greatly appreciated. Or maybe pass my info along to someone šŸ˜ŽšŸ‘

    Thanks for the video and take careāœŒļø

  6. Hi lucy..would you guide my how aws help me to build a carrier…i am actually working in bank as technical officer working in aix and finacle having experience of 5 years..

  7. That's really nice to learn, in fact im on my journey to become aws solution architect associate very soon probably in this month
    My question is how much one can earn at this level? Not absolute but an approximate amount?

  8. Hope you can find the time to answer my question. No tech background but I just passed my Cloud Practitioner exam, started a course for the SAA. Do I need to learn any coding languages? How can I gain the experience necessary to get a job as an AWS SA without prior experience but with my certs? Thank you in advance. Iā€™m confused and just need some guidance.

  9. Well, this is completely different from what I thought I would be doing. I thought I was just going to be in a computer, maybe even working remotely most of the time. As an introvert, this doesnt sound like a good job for me.

  10. Do we have shifts or 24*7 work basis as SA?
    I am a database administrator and I work in 24*7 work environment. I want to shift in a work environment where I would need only Monday to friday 9-5

  11. Hi, what qualifications do I need to have to get a job as AWS Solutions Architect? Thanks

  12. Iā€™m a new Microsoft oriented recruiter and found this video very helpful.

    Thanks Lucy!

  13. This was a nice video Lucy. What is th best way to become a solutions architect, with AWS for example? I am currently in the finance (accounting) field, but I really want to make a career change.

  14. Hi, Lucy can you make a video, of how actually you started preparing and what are the things you have worked on to become a solutions Architect.

  15. Thanks for your content, it's awesome! I have a question, do you recommend have experience working on the cloud before to get a certificate ?

  16. Thanks for the video ! I have an interview in less than an hour for Solution Architect internship haha

  17. This was awesome Lucy, thank you so much! I just recently separated from the military and have been venturing in the AWS Cloud environment, recently passed my CCP exam and currently working on my SAA! Your video really put the cherry on top as far as what I want for a work environment!! What would you recommend as far as getting exposure with AWS recruiters??

  18. Hi Lucy,

    Thanks for uploading such a great content. Can you also let us know what prior experience we need to have in getting AWS SAA jobs.

    and what other roles we are eligible if we earn a AWS SAA certificate. Thanks.

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