What Does a Business Analyst Do Day to Day


    WHAT DOES A BUSINESS ANALYST DO DAY TO DAY // Streamlining and automating processes for a company.

    Each day is a little different, but the core work is the same in business analytics. I’ll take you with me today as I consult as a business analyst for a service-based business that’s rapidly growing.

    You’ll see what’s involved in a business analyst job from working with stakeholders to analyzing problems involving people and processes and putting it together to make an impact on the business.


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    Portable analytics setup


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    1. You guys, there is no specific degree that will get you directly into a job. If you're looking for what degree to get that is centered on context knowledge, then business, IT, and statistics could be a good degree for this career. But, there's been Business Analysts who have a wide range of degrees or even no degree.

    2. Hey, I am an IB Y2 student and will begin my undergraduate degree in the second half of 2022. I love the job of business analyst and truly desire to be one. However, I am a bit confused in choosing the right degree for this career. Should I do a
      Bachelor of Economics degree
      Bachelor of Commerce degree (major in information systems, etc)

      Which would provide a more clear path to becoming a business analyst?

      Hope to receive a reply by anyone. Thank you🙏🏻

    3. This is not a very good description of what one does. Daily tasks . Iike details. If I was a new employee…I would be LOST as to what I need to "do". Like "answer the phone". That's clear. "Optimize this service". What DOES that mean? That means nothing to me. Analyze Excel. What does that mean? Ugh.

      Please Donna video That is an hour long…SHOWING ME what you Do

    4. Mam i have some doubts. Hope ur ready to clear it

      1-after bba(finance) can i become business analyst? Or bba management or bba marketing is must?

      2-business analyst have scopes in abroad (uk, us, etc)

      2-what are the steps after bba to become business analyst?

      Mam please repli for these doubts 😪

    5. Hey Jen, Thank you for sharing this video. I had a question.. like I am pursuing a master's in business intelligence and digital marketing .. so business intelligence is somewhat related to business analyst. So. would you mind sharing how can I start with the internships or work under someone. I am not from an engineering background but seven working experiences with corporates as a customer consultant. PLease suggest.. Thank you