What did pubs look like 8 years ago?

In this video from Jenkins stream, he watches an 8 year old DOGSHIT level pub that someone sent to him him (on the old client).

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47 thoughts on “What did pubs look like 8 years ago?”
  1. I quitted Dota 7 years ago because of hardware issues and just now that i'm coming bad. Glad to hear that Legion Jungle is not a thing anymore.

  2. Nah guys, all of that just not old enough. Do you remember cliff farming Nature's Prophet? Those were the times.

  3. Can someone do an explain for me, who played 8 years ago.
    WHAT DID HE MEAN WHEN HE SAID "Noone had mana to do anything"
    Has there been that much of a change?!

  4. Just rambling to the old days.

    I still remember playing jug 7-8 yrs ago (can't remember) because he was the only one I remotely know back in dota 1. I always remember never getting one but go instead for crit and heal but never one. I always go and buy boots then drums then divine. I still don't know how the game works back then, I still don't know how to last hit, hell I still can't use other hot keys other than space bar. I even have to manually click my items back then, still have to click the courier to deliver items and even to this day, I still stubbornly don't bind a key for the shop. I have quick buy and all but no shop. And all of this, I spam jug like no other before but I was having the time of my life. Even if I get 1-26 that moment I just hit ult and kill was enough of a drug to keep me playing.

    And then my brother teach me how to support. Hated it first but now can't stop playing it. There is nothing more good of a rush than diving into 5 man ganks just to save a core and actually saving him at a cost of your life.

    Ah I also remembered dota 2 reporter. It was also there I start maining enigma… Till this day landing game changing bh was the only thing beating the rush of a savior support.

    Dota 2 was a blast back then man. It is so sad playing this game and have to deal with bullshit 247 when back then getting a 2-30 was no sweat. Nobody was a try hard back then. Miss those days.

  5. I tried necrophos jungle on ancients using heartstopper literally 10-12min aghs, and the aghs effect was to remove the buyback option.

  6. thisss is so funny. this is my game being reviewed by jenk. hahahahahah. wayback in the days

  7. this makes me remember why I stuck with HoN for a few years before quitting Moba totaly. Nowadays I think Dota 2 is the superior MoBa, but back then HoN was better imo.

  8. I did spec radiance and I had around an 80% win rate I think it was 79% by 2016-2017 with almost 100 games. Idk how I did it looking back

  9. Who remembers when Miranda and necro used to jungle ancients haha I think only on sentinel Mirana could

  10. "Probably below herald"
    So basically League of Legend players playing Dota.

  11. In those years i had 60+ % winrate with spectre just bc i get phase boots, difusal and vanguard. I was quite innovative in my times XD

  12. Omg I started playing in 2014 and played for about a year and a half before quitting, and I remember shit like this happening all the time. Great times.

  13. Man, even just the old beta menu before finding a game has me feeling nostalgic. The map feels so much bigger and more open. The game was so much simpler back then.

  14. In 2013 I would just buy S and Y every single game and win. Now I'm trash. Idk what happened.

  15. This is crazy. I read the title and couldn't believe I started playing. Before this. But alas. November 2013 was my start

  16. Pubs back then, in my experience, were either like well coordinated ranked games, or mind baffling chaos manifested in a Dota match. A lot better than the current state though…

  17. This is, I think the time when You pick Sven,get points to his attributes and Cleave only,farm from min 1 to 12,and get a 100 CS or more,then 20 mins later you almost full all your slots,Dagger,AS,Daeda,BkB,Satanic,
    Treads or Travel at mins 40 onwards,the good old days indeed

  18. Pubs those days were much enjoyable compare to these days where u had smurfs that ruined games

  19. aaah good old stout shield, and poor man shield, a true comrade for every masochist melee offlaner

  20. I remember going Jungle Medusa and farming ancients from a safe spot on this map. Good times.

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