What are Docker Volumes? - A brief introduction with Commands and Docker-Compose example

What are Docker volumes, well simple put they are file locations that we can attach to containers to store data in a persistent way. In this tutorial we give you a basic overview so that you can get started working with Docker volumes.

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12 thoughts on “What are Docker Volumes? – A brief introduction with Commands and Docker-Compose example”
  1. so a volume is basically a directory which contains a copy of container's data? so the relationship between a container and its volume is like a Master to slave data replication?

  2. Decent introduction to docker volumes, and good slides. I found it very helpful. I think the script needs to be written down and practiced a little more though.

    At around 6:45, you say that what's unique about host volumes is that "Not only do you specify the location on the host, but you also specify where it's going to be on the container." That implies that volumes always specify a location on the host, and that specifying a location in the container is what's special and different. I think it's actually the other way around? That could be pretty confusing for people who haven't grasped the concept yet. It confused me for a while.

  3. 馃槴馃槶i really want to continue learning django and other things..but again i fell ill…had malaria .. just recovered from it and now 馃槴stuck in preparation of Class 12 exams :")
    It's okay:") i will continue after exams(march ;_;)

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