Webinar | IMO FIreRaptor Training

NEC 2017 690.12 (B) (2) became effective January 1, 2019 in 27 states. One solution to meet the requirements is the use of modular level rapid shutdown (ML RSD). This webinar will cover the interface between IMO’s Fireraptor ML RSD product and OutBack Power products.


5 thoughts on “Webinar | IMO FIreRaptor Training”
  1. What if your doing an off grid system and you don't have AC mains? In fact the main inverter is shut down a lot of the time so much of hte time there is no AC power being put out because no one is home.

  2. Missing: wiring diagrams. All of the FireRaptor, flexMAX100-AFCI, and application notes mention a part you can't buy (relay), and connections to the GSLC and inverter that are not documented. This video also fails to explain how to hook up these devices with a FM-100, GSLC, GS8048A, FRS-01 devices. Also, the application notes use non-standard electrical symbols and combine the POS and NEG wires in a way that is electrically incorrect.

  3. Hello, is the FireRaptor an analog switching device with no microprocessor or integrated circuit inside? One of my 2020 clients is nervous about EMP & they wish to have only minimal sensitive electronics on their PV array. Thanks in advance.

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