We Found The Biggest Python Nest With Over 45 Eggs On Python Island

We Found The Biggest Python Nest With Over 45 Eggs On Python Island. Allie, moose and I are heading out to python islands to check out the GPS locations I’ve marked over the last year to see what we can find. This trip did not disappoint. We ended up finding a python nest. It was one of the biggest python nest I’ve found.


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44 thoughts on “We Found The Biggest Python Nest With Over 45 Eggs On Python Island”
  1. Hey cowboy love what you do for the everglades, keep it up! just curious what do you do with the eggs after you collect them

  2. May I ask what you did with this mother and all 49 of her babies? Is this a humane event? or hunting for sport and kill/destroy? I know this is something that must be done in the everglades right now because of the over population. It is stupid people who get them as babies when they're cute and then when they grow big, and their food has to be bigger prey like rabbits and larger, they just want to get rid of them and throw them out like trash. Pet stores should not be allowed to sell them.

  3. All it takes is a few people to release an invasive species into the environment and then you have a major problem. Florida is full of them.

  4. Thank you for everything that you do in the control of the python population. Please keep up this vital job!

  5. I enjoy watching your channel and watched several last night. Saw the one where your partner was cleaning the dog kennels. Poor girl scrubbing the water buckets to get rid of the algae. Thought I would send her a tip use vinegar to get rid of that quickly.
    Stay safe! Worst fear ever is snakes so I applaud you for your fearless efforts. Thank you.

  6. Why catching the snake ?? Just shoot to kill . …..That way snake will be killed and keep the hunter safe….

  7. Python Cowboy you should really have your own TV show🌟You Are The Best at what you do✌🏾

  8. Great job cowboy, I appreciate what you do for the Everglades, by hunting the python, but next time, CHOOT HIM, Cowboy CHOOT HIM !!!!

  9. Absolutely off your head honest to God . I'm very pleased that you didn't need to depend on me in the name of GOD no way would I be there . I don't know how you can do that I'm watching your video & I'm totally utterly petrified . Hat's off to you for doing what you do but I couldn't . Good luck to you all from G B across the pond

  10. Hey mike, have you encountered any of the African Rock Python? I know it’s more aggressive & was wondering if they might be cross breeding?

  11. You're a hero and a saint. No way to estimate the value of your work. You deserve a medal from the State of Florida and Governor DeSantis himself should present it.

  12. Being ignorant to the Python and snake genre in general, how many of those eggs will actually become a mature Python? From amount Hatched to amount that live to see adulthood? Just curious how incredibly challenging your guys' work really is. I already know the absolute devastation these Pythons have brought to the everglades, but I was curious what the ratio of survival is with a nest of this size.

  13. I’m 100% supportive of what needs to be done with this snakes, but still breaks my heart they have to be destroyed.

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