vRealize Automation Tutorial 1 - Introduction to vRA
9 thoughts on “vRealize Automation Tutorial 1 – Introduction to vRA”
  1. Hi sir,
    I am women returnee, now I am doing vmware VRA Install,configure,manage tasks.
    So can you please guide me which jobs to apply.

  2. Very well explained in brief for beginners, my head was spinning with other presentations… U nailed it!!

  3. Thank you for this video. There are a lot of tutorials out there that just jump right in without explaining the basics. This is exactly what I needed to understand. Great presentation and artwork.

  4. Congratulations for this channel, I have a question about VMWARE Cloud Management Automation. I intend to test it.
    Is it possible to have its operation and the concept as well as a tutorial on an example of practice on stp? And how to find it for free to do a test and a training for the exam?
    I can not wait, I'm in a hurry! Thank you and continue

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