VMware Company Story


    Watch VMware President Sumit Dhawan, CMO Carol Carpenter and ESG VP Nicola Acutt share VMware’s mission for the future.

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    The world is re-inventing itself through apps. Whether you call this digital transformation or just progress, a few things are clear.

    1. Every organization is trying to innovate faster, to deliver more value at greater speed.
    2. The responsibility to build a sustainable, equitable and more secure future for all.

    But the road to transformation is paved with challenges and compromises.

    It’s now a multi-cloud world, and organizations must choose between modernizing what they have or starting from scratch. Between tackling complex security challenges or taking on greater risk. Between giving developers autonomy or ensuring scalable, standardized operations.

    VMware’s mission is to deliver the trusted foundation to accelerate innovation. We do this with Cross Cloud services for all apps, enabling digital innovation and enterprise control. We think of this as delivering the power of “and.”


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