VERASITY? WHATS GOING ON?!?? *DOWN* 75%!!? January 2022 VRA


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    Today I’m going on a bit of a rant when it comes to #Verasity and #VRA one of the most interesting #Crypto projects out there. Verasity has a patent approved technology that could help fix the massive ad fraud industry that plagues the internet. I LOVE Verasity, but what’s going on with the price action lately? Where is the CEO? Why isn’t the eSports division getting much traction? Lets find out!

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    1. I actually like the fact they are quiet at the moment. VRA is quality and meets its goals – it will rise again.
      Price action – same can be said for lots of tokens including some Blue Chips which are massively down (DOT, LINKโ€ฆ)

    2. Not sure what to say about Verasity anymore. Been a VRA holder for a longtime now. Its got potential, but needs better management. The rewards need to be better than good. Imo, VRA should be on everyone's device. Proof of View rewards should be on everything we watch and play. Every ad company should be using this tech. Multiply its usefulness by 100x when AR dominates by the next btc halving. VRA could actually change the advertising business. Whatever they are doing, they have a major opportunity to change the way we are sold goods and services. Customer Rewards/points/credits take the market share from 160bil$$ to over a trillion.

    3. Is there a case that can be made for a project waiting to push hard on marketing until the product's actually ready for launch? Investors in crypto sometimes forget that hyping things up to jack up the price before a project is ready may be great for speculators, but isn't necessarily a smart business strategy. It seems like the org is just laying a solid foundation at this point, filing for patents globally and securing critical partnerships with legitimate companies like Brightcove. That signals to me strategic thinking. Maybe they're just waiting until the project is more mature before they market the project harder. As for the CEO's absence, I wonder if part of what's motivating his silence is an unsettled regulatory environment. Projects that look too centralized seem to draw more regulatory scrutiny (think XRP). Maybe 'silent is better' for now, and staying off major exchanges until things get sorted with the SEC is part of a larger legal strategy. What do you think?

    4. It's been around since 2018 and still struggling I don't see any future in it unless their marketing gets better. They had some events come out just recently and still didn't really do much to the price. Although we're in a bear trend and everything is down pretty much I just would have thought we would be higher right now.

    5. Dude, they just got listed on Huobi Global. It was the worst timing in the history of crypto, but itโ€™s still a positive. From what I understand their tokenomics is somehow not good. Their supply as listed on either CG or CMC was incorrect and Verasity had no answer for it.

    6. Unless you bought vra on the top you would be very happy with vra since it was one of the few coin that put out a new ath when btc did this recent rally. And it doesn't even matter if the ceo shows up or not it just makes it more decentralized just like btc that we don't know who's the actual creator. And vra is very active and just recently got listed at huobi which is the third biggest dex in the world . Really no reason to worry about vra its one the most most undervalued project out there you should be happy that you're aware of. This project in those such low prices it just mean you still have an opportunity to buy it cheap.

    7. I agree with you regarding the interview. I had the same view. Mark needs to come out and actually speak to the community instead of hiding on twitter and I feel like binance are salty because they switched to ERC tokens who knows. But Binance follow them on twitter.

    8. You don't address the macro environment. VRA was up 10000% or something at all time highs. The whole market is crashing now. VRA is no exception. VRA trades off as my number 1 bag depending on price with XPR, my other biggest investment. I invested in VRA because of its specific use case applications, but I think this is also a limitation. Until the crypto market starts surging again, what attention there is left for the space will focus on layer 1s, I think. Esports don't hold any interest for me, or I think for most people. Millions of nerdy kids in Asia are into it, but that's hardly going to push VRA into the top 10. The ad thing is the most promising, and NFT verification, maybe. But it makes for a weird profile – they do these different things, that seem unrelated. What is this company? I believe in it, but it seems hard to define for newbs. In any case, I'm HODLing my staked million VRA, and hoping we get a bounce soon.

    9. Hey Crypto Anxiety! I totally agree on your take about R.J Mark.. He seems like a pretty good guy but thats only based off his content that he is putting out. So definitively from an investor stand point it may be more difficult for some individuals to load up on VRA because they can't even see the CEO's face. Yes, Mariam is a great CMO she is awesome but at the end of the day she is just like the media/spokesperson for the company. She does not pull the trigger on any business moves she is the one who is in charge of communicating to us. Which again makes sense why they offered you her for an interview. But I would love to see R.J Mark do some sort of public speak. Although, he may just not want to lose focus of his technical endeavours. If he were to be public people would blow him up ultimately taking away from his focus. Thats my thoughts but at the same time, it would be a lot more comforting for investors to know who he was and to fully trust him as a business individual. Although, I have good faith in R.J Mark and the entire VRA team.