Verasity (VRA): Market Analysis & Price Predictions (Bullish and Bearish)

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Market analysis (what will the price do?): 0:38-6:00
Where can you buy VRA? Bitget exchange 6:00-7:03
Technical analysis and price predictions: 7:03-11:43
Community Q&A about VRA: 11:43-15:39
Become a trader course: 15:39-16:08

Hey Whale team! I am a Full-time Crypto analyst, Day trader and investor from Australia! I specialise in technical analysis and take an unbiased view of the markets, focusing on the data and charts only! So…. come join the Whale family and let’s cover bitcoin and altcoins together

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—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–Financial disclaimer: All ideas are my own and are not intended to be taken as financial advice, I am not responsible for any financial losses or financial gains.


15 thoughts on “Verasity (VRA): Market Analysis & Price Predictions (Bullish and Bearish)”
  1. It's a shame a-lot of traders still try to find comfort in this unstable market either in STOCK or CRYPTO of lately, but the truth is that most traders tend to gamble with their assets this days by not taking advantage and proper study of the market to know where is right for them to invest. Although bitcoin has been unstable for some time, it is still wise to go into day trading now so as to grow the little we hold ahead of the upcoming bull market. so far have been successful in trading since i started following Alexander Thomas daily signals and guidance* ….. Winning has been on my side and have been able to grow my portfolio 💼 strongly, In 8 weeks i was able to grow my 0.9btc portfolio to 8.5 btc …. thanks to him.

  2. Jsut found you searching for vra t.a your t.a and delivery is great..nice and clear thanks man u got a new subscriber 👍 vra back to 9 cent please 🙏

  3. Nice & clean analysis.
    Can I ask why you prefer using the 3D vs 1D?
    GC looks solid

  4. Next level TA as always. Definitely, the best one covering VRA I come across in many months. So realistic and very well backed up with your strong arguments. Thanks!!! VRA is much more dependent on BTC than most other Altcoins and when it crashes it does it big time. What is your prediction about the bear-run survivability of VRA? Some Alts won't be around for the next bull run for sure but I don't have any ideas about VRA? What is your opinion about it? Thanks again!

  5. Absolute legend MW! Looking to add VRA to the bag during the bottom for sure. I have a question, what would you say is a realistic growth attainable for a smaller portfolio, (less than 10k), in the next bull run? Cheers for the content mate

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