VC Revisiting Nirvana's In Utero: 1993 vs 2013 Mix

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A fellow vinyl fanatic recently sent me a gift containing the 2013 mix version of Nirvana’s In Utero album. Since I currently own the standard 1993 mix on vinyl, I thought it would be fun to listen to each version and see which I thought was a better listening experience. Check it out!

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23 thoughts on “VC Revisiting Nirvana's In Utero: 1993 vs 2013 Mix”
  1. 2013 Mix butchered the Serve the Servants solo! That solo is ingrained somewhere in my brain, it’s just not the same with a different version.

  2. so many mixes of this. there’s the original (which is an altered albini mix), albini’s initial mix before the studio futzed with it, and albini’s 2013 mix.

    bernie grundman also released a master of this too, a lot of people think that it makes this album sound too polite

  3. Great record. Old and new versions. Like the newer one as it has what was supposed to be on the first version but taken off.

  4. Great review. Just picked up this album today. I completely relate to you regarding Nirvana and the so called demise of hair metal. I absolutely loved Motley Crue (Dr. Feelgood album) back in 1989-90 time frame. Bought Decade of Decadence in 1991 and was loving the future kick ass sound of Motley Crue (Primal Scream, Rock n Junkie, Teaser etc) then came Nirvana. Hated Teen Spirit at first, but like you grew to love the album over time. I actually loved it in 1992. Some guy played the new cd all night while we were all waiting in line to buy Genesis tickets over night Thats when I really fell in love with Nirvana.

  5. Long time Nirvana fan……not a big fan of the 2013 release. It's not bad but better than the original?….. seems to be revision history going on. Cobain himself had issues with the initial 'Albini' version which is why he brought Scott Litt/Andy Wallace in and had Bob Ludwig fix things in the mastering. It's an interesting 'raw' take on this album but that doesn't equal better which is what Cobain thought at the time when he listened the 'raw' version. It's lacks subtle polish that the original version had especially in regards to vocals and artistic choices for solos, tones..etc. Bob Lugwig's mastering had a massive impact on the original release.

  6. Nearvana fans like Rape Me and Heart Shaped Box. Nirvana fans like Very Ape, Scentless Apprentice and Radio Friendly Radio Shifter. The Live and Loud cuts of Radio Friendly and Scentless Apprentice might be the best 2 nirvana recordings of all.

  7. In Utero was the very first original tape I got in my life. My dad bought it for me (surpisingly enough!) and it was a boom! I guess he wouldn't have if he had heard it before, in a country where there are so few rock lovers and at a time when most rock and meta bands were satanized by society. I was 11, and Kurt had passed the year before. I still have the tape, but I tried it last year at a cassette player but the tape was quite ruined, unfortunately 🙁

  8. I thought this was his original mix for the album and they remixed some of it ….realizing this is a 2013 mix wayyy after the fact is kinda disappointing….kinda like George Lucas fucking with Star Wars

  9. Nice video… I agree with you the original release in '93 just sounds a little too dull for me, and I am a huge huge Nirvana fan.. I think this 2013 mix really does give the In Utero album the proper treatment it deserves.. I also agree with you when you said that this album is kind of hard sometimes to leave in rotation…Its so unique and dark it really takes you to different places, some places where people are afraid to go..

    Anyway cool video

  10. Ok. I that would be nice. But also something that will never be on sale.

    mr. Finglish (Bäd English Recs)

  11. I have neither. Definitely on my list. Price will be the selling point for me as, Nirvana is prob my least favorite of the Big 5.

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