Variables and Variable Files in Ansible - Aruba Bots Ansible Series 03

In this video you’ll learn about what types of variables are available in Ansible and the concept of Variable Files and how to use them. We’ll walk through creating Inventory and Playbook variables, as well as creating a group in the inventory and creating variable files for groups and hosts. I also give advice on some troubleshooting techniques you can use through Ansible!

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00:54 Playbook Variables
02:57 Inventory Variables
03:31 Variable Files and Variable Precedence
05:01 Special Variables
05:34 Inventory Variables Demo
07:17 Playbook Variables Demo
08:21 CLI Extra Variables Demo
10:31 Groups in Inventory and Variable Files Demo
15:10 Troubleshooting Techniques

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10 thoughts on “Variables and Variable Files in Ansible – Aruba Bots Ansible Series 03”
  1. her explanation and how fast she can pass info with multi examples , i really enjoyed the time i spend .

  2. My god… I have watched too many disorganized Ansible instruction videos, but this video is a delight to watch. It is so easily comprehensible and well explained.

  3. Very nice series, can we ask for more video on Ansible and Aruba? Maybe the setup of an L3 LAN or a medium complexity WLAN configuration… thank you, we really appreciate how Aruba is going towards network automation :).

  4. Excellent video. It was a quick break in to understanding the use of separate variable files for working with network devices – something I am very, very new too and your video and teaching style was very helpful. I learned a lot. Thanks.

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