Hey Friends, You might have often heard of the term ‘Infrastructure as Code – Simply put this is when you can set up your infrastructure reliably using code. Just like your application code, infrastructure code is stored as part of your source repository and versioned. Anyone in your team can run the code and deploy similar environments.

One way to implement Infrastructure as code for Azure solutions is to use Azure Resource Manager templates. In this video we will dive into Azure Resource Manager templates also called ARM templates, see how to author a template, and to set it up on the Azure DevOps pipeline.

We will see how to set up an Azure Web App using the ARM template and deploy a Web API to it. We will also see how to update the resource to add a SQL Server and a database that the application can use. We will deploy the application to a Dev and a Test environment.

­čöŚAzure ARM Templates –
­čöŚAzure Resource Group Deployment Task –
­čöŚARM Extension VsCode –
­čöŚReplace Token DevOps Task –

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  1. Excellent video ­čÖĆ Keep it up!, Thank you for your help !

    I followed your steps but im stuck on the deployment of the relaise ARM Template deployment: Resource Group scope and this this my error ##[error]Failed to check the resource group status. Error: "connect ENETUNREACH"

    can you please check it with me..

  2. Two minutes into the video and I hit the subscribe button. Awesome content showing how DevOps engineers would author arm templates using vs/code and use them in pipeline to provision resources. Accent is quite clear, only thing I would recommend the speaker is to slow down a bit. Thank you.

  3. If you use this code-first, what happens if you change something in Azure (that isn't reflected in the in-code templates) and then deploy. Will Azure changes be overwritten?

  4. Rahul from where I can start to understand this video as halfway mark I do not what you were doing ..m new to Azure devops

  5. Hello Rahul, Great job!!!, Welldone. I am following the steps in this video to learn how DevOps, but am having issues at the stage of building the code on VS code. How did you perform the build? I got a prompt that there is not existing build for this project. Also, when i imported and renamed the missing parameters on VScode, it did not prompt me for a reload. Kindly assist! Thank you

  6. Rahul great tutorial . i have one question you are creating both infra and deployment together. as we dont require infra every time then how we can seperate both

  7. Man, one day you will make me a pro .. i watch all your videos pretty frequently when i am not working .. best videos ever! if a techie has to do some service to others, this is how it should be done.. man u r inspiring ­čÖé

  8. This is really short and crisp video to get complete idea about ARM templates and azure devops…. From development till production!! Thank you very much!

  9. Thanks Rahul for this awesome tutorial. Could you please let me know how we can open json output pan from where we are adding resources like web app iin VS

  10. Excellent content, Hi Rahul, Did you create any Video on terraforms, if not, can you please suggest some good video or tutorial link please.

  11. bhai train nikle ja rhi hai kya teri.. thoda aaram se bata de .. kya kar rha hai… bhage ja rha hai. ..

  12. I facing one issue while creating release pipeline for ARM template deployment. While I am passing the resource names in pipeline variable session. Name I was mentioned in paramenter.json file like #arm_resourceName#. getting this error [error]Resource '#app_name#' was disallowed by policy. Error Type: PolicyViolation, Policy Definition Name : Naming – Function Apps, Policy Assignment Name : bda950db340c4a5688bc8e30.

  13. Awesome article ­čÖĆ­čÖĆ Rahul I need one help on Azure Function side I want to run two or more Function of diff type in single Function App , is this allowed ?

  14. Great learning Buddy!! MANY THANKS FIR THIS. I DONT SUBSCRIBE any channels but after listening to your video I must say I am fan of your now.
    If you could please setup the azure log analytics in same fashion instead webapi.

  15. This was concise and straight to the point. It answered almost all of my questions, but I have one in particular.
    What happens to your data IF you modify your existing db and deploy up to another environment? aka dev to qa
    Does your data carry with it? what about the structure? perhaps we added or removed tables or columns?

    I never comment on you tube channels normally, but I have to admit, I was really extremely impressed with this video. We are struggling with deploying logic apps and other resources from one environment to another. So far we have been manually deploying using the ARM on azure and setting the parameters, but we change our logic apps a lot to cause issues with synchronization.

    We do use Devops and Pipelines for web api deployments, but not arm templates. We tried at one point, but it was just too much to maintain. With your video, it shows ideas we didn't consider.

    Again, thank you

  16. Hi Rahul nath, i was struck in the creation of pipelines,

    during the execution, VSBuild is not executed &

    pushing this error ##[error]Solution not found using search pattern 'D:a1s***.sln'.

    i was researched a lot about this error, still i didn't get a solution. can you please help me out of this..

  17. Can you do a tutorial on how to do the ARM setup, config & deploy to azure for an Angular Web App ?

  18. Thank you very much for videos.

    Could you please do video on Bicep.

    Please do more videos on azure.

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