Use Amazon RDS with .NET 6 (Minimal Web API)

In this video, we’re going to set up a PostgreSQL database with Amazon RDS and connect our minimal .NET 6 Web API – looking at how to create and read records from the database using POST and GET HTTP requests.

This video is for educational purposes only. Be sure to stop and de-allocate any AWS resources that you provision during this walkthrough!

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• 🕘 Timestamps
0:00 – Intro
2:44 – Overview of the Minimal .NET 6 Web API
7:24 – NuGet Packages
8:33 – EF Core DbContext
10:10 – Setting up a PostgreSQL database with RDS
17:28 – EF Core Migrations
21:24 – Using pgAdmin to Connect to Postgres on RDS
24:49 – curl POST request
26:00 – Viewing the results
26:33 – Removing resources

• 📚 Topics Covered in This Video
► .NET 6
► Amazon RDS
► .NET 6 Minimal Web API
► Cloud Native
► Web API Development


9 thoughts on “Use Amazon RDS with .NET 6 (Minimal Web API)”
  1. I have more than 5 google accounts for a cloud storage reason. I subscribed this channel with all of the accounts I have. This guy is one of my favorite instructors out there. He deserves much more recognition on the internet. The way he teaches, the way he explains the details and the speed of his teaching process is amicable.

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