Unboxing the vmware new employee kit | work from home edition

Unboxing the vmware new employee kit 2021. work from home edition from VMware new onboarding team.

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32 thoughts on “Unboxing the vmware new employee kit | work from home edition”
  1. Hey, is the headset wireless? Also, if you want a monitor, can you just ask them and they'll give one to you? Thanks.

  2. I just joined VM WARE can you work anywhere not just home base? Also is their growth and do you kind of make your own schedule ? Thank you

  3. Hi Technosage, how are the opportunities for BI (Business Intelligence) Engineer in VMware ?
    Also what would be payscale for lateral hire with 2.3 YOE.

  4. Hi, bro I want the carrier path of vm ware…. How to prepare, what was the best Institute name.. What was the salaries for freshers, please reply me bro.

  5. Hey.. thanks for the video did they provide wfh setup, montior table etc?? I am going to join next week. And i have all setup from my last company.

  6. I’ve received a sambhrama dry fruit gift and not the welcome kit…any idea when it will be delivered.
    Its already a month since i joined

  7. Hey, did you get the goodies and the laptop at the same time? I too joined VMware. Have received the laptop only.

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