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    Today I’m reviewing and taking a first look at the Puma RS-Dreamer. Created in concert with hip-hop producer/rapper J. Cole, the Puma RS-Dreamer is the artists first signature sneaker with the brand. Since getting back into basketball in a serious way a couple years ago, PUMA has made strides into the market. The Puma RS-Dreamer was preceded by the Sky Modern and a few other models, but the Puma RS-Dreamer is the first signature shoe to come out of the brand. Despite his hip-hop roots, J. Cole is an accomplished basketball player and provided feedback into the design and feel of the Puma RS-Dreamer. Priced at $125, this color way of the Puma RS-Dreamer is the first to launch and will lead to new color ways of the basketball sneaker in the future. Check out the full review, on-feet, and first look at the Puma RS-Dreamer.

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    1. Hello from the UK. I’m new to this channel and also to sneakers as an obsession. Well, I don’t actually have any sneakers, but I do like window shopping, so to speak. These are a nice looking pair of sneakers too, so I hope I can get a pair.

      Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I’m enjoying your channel and your back catalogue.

    2. These are cool, but they are not worth the hype. Puma has been making this sneaker for years in several different colorways. Sneaker society is so FOMO that even a sneaker that should be relatively easy to cop like this, sells out in 60 seconds because some influencer somewhere said they were dope. Ridiculous.