Uber Data Science Python Interview Question Walkthrough

In this video, we will take a close look at a difficult data science interview question from Uber and walk you through a solution in Python. It turns out that after finding just a few simple, yet clever steps, this question becomes easier to solve.

Link to the question: https://platform.stratascratch.com/coding/2046-maximum-number-of-employees-reached?python=1&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=click&utm_campaign=YT+description+link


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Intro: (0:00​​​)
Interview Question: (0:42​​)
Framework to solve the problem: (1:32​​​)
Understand your data: (1:50​​​)
Formulate your approach: (3:07​​​)
Code Execution: (6:27​​​)
Conclusion: (29:12​​)

About The Platform:

I’m using StrataScratch (https://platform.stratascratch.com/coding?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=click&utm_campaign=YT+description+link), a platform that allows you to practice real data science interview questions. There are over 1000+ interview questions that cover coding (SQL and python), statistics, probability, product sense, and business cases.

So, if you want more interview practice with real data science interview questions, visit https://platform.stratascratch.com/coding?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=click&utm_campaign=YT+description+link. All questions are free and you can even execute SQL and python code in the IDE, but if you want to check out the solutions from me or from other users, you can use ss15 for a 15% discount on the premium plans.



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14 thoughts on “Uber Data Science Python Interview Question Walkthrough”
  1. Hi everyone! Just wanted to announce that we’ll be expanding our content and producing more videos every month. You’ll be getting videos that cover all aspects of data science from our team. Everyone on our team has industry experience so I know you’ll find the videos educational and interesting. Thanks for watching! And thanks for the support!

  2. The question clearly asks you to write a query (SQL). Solving it in a programming language makes it so much easier because of the additional constructs you can use.

  3. I nailed my sql technical questions (thanks to this channel), but they sprung a python one on me and I bombed it. Having so, so much trouble finding a job as a data science intern. Looking extremely bleak.

  4. Are we supposed to know these pandas functions by heart in the interview or we can look them up ?

  5. very clear explanantion. Thanks a lot😊.We expect more such awesome videos on Data science, please..

  6. Hey, nice video and informative
    Where can i find these type of questions in various difficulty ranges to practice..? Thanks in advance.

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