Tutorial: Getting Started with Ansible for Linux Server Configuration Management

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Tutorial: Getting Started with Ansible for Linux Server Configuration Management


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37 thoughts on “Tutorial: Getting Started with Ansible for Linux Server Configuration Management”
  1. Really should not do a demo and a few minutes in go "Don't do this the way we did it" in regards to SSH keys. Otherwise, great format and good info.

  2. So I got exposure to Ansible for the first time through this video 3 years ago. And now this dude sounds to me like a total noob.. Meaning I've learned so much since that this is just too basic for me. So I want to thank you! For getting me started with Ansible ✌🏻I had ZERO knowledge about it when I watched this.

  3. How-to video plans to try/teach:
    1. List all servers & application in your business
    {lets say your xcp-ng lab server is your business datacenter/server-rack}
    {now create all the servers & workstation with apps & config you run in your business inside this datacenter using :
    in an automated way, plus keep them up2date}
    2. show how you create playbooks for each applications, servers, workstations and configuration
    from firewall to freenas to invoice to wiki, etc…
    3. (this list most likely will not have windows desktop or servers, this is tom we're talking about)
    so do a simple RDS-SV testlab guide https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/windows/it-pro/windows-server-2012-R2-and-2012/hh831610(v=ws.11)

  4. Tom whats the chance you guys will do a 2020 version of this cause i'm playing with a few new servers and have coffeeeeeeeeeeee.

  5. after my positive comment, id say…. those yml files are very confusing, and the specialized vim doesn't help so much.

  6. I was about to go crazy and make a rant comment… until….. I learned that I did the wrong commands!. Or, and, some things i didn't think about. Can't be changed now, but it would had been nice to know that no ansible or other would be needed on the other machines :).
    This is so cool, I didn't really think id learn ansible.. also I had no idea I could simply get it thru my package manager… I always thought of it as a Redhat delux product id not easily get my hands on.

  7. I enjoy you guys training. I'm able to understand the breakdown of ansible even though it's a short video. I like how the guy on the left is also new to ansible tool, it give that easy to learn feel of ansible

  8. Any idea about this error. | UNREACHABLE! => {

    "changed": false,

    "msg": "Failed to connect to the host via ssh: ssh: connect to host port 22: No route to hostrn",

    "unreachable": true


  9. More Phil too! Would love some tips and tricks for dotfiles/vimrc files that you guys use as well.

  10. I would like to know how to use this in a mixed Linux environment to update the machines, and do anything else useful. Currently I have Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS.

  11. Awesome thanks so much for this. I would love to see how to integrate ansible playbooks from GitHub. And more of what Phil does!! I want a Let’s Encrypt sticker.

  12. shouldn't you start by configuring it because mine says " No hosts matched, nothing to do"

  13. Brilliant!! Not seen this yet, but if you haven't do cover Ansible Tower. The UI (to me) is terrible but I guess I just need to put some cycles learning it. Vanilla Ansible/playbooks – very easy to pick up though.

    Thanks Tom!!

  14. Thumbs up for: ansible -i inventory fleet -m shell -a "apt install -y -qq vim; apt remove -y emacs"
    Very useful video – THANKS!

  15. Thanks for this new series! I was just wondering over the week end if you would ever do a serie on Ansible. And here we are 🙂

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