Tutorial 6 :Deployment of Machine Learning Models in Google Cloud Platform

github url :https://github.com/krishnaik06/Google-Cloud-Platform-Deployment

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50 thoughts on “Tutorial 6 :Deployment of Machine Learning Models in Google Cloud Platform”
  1. Hey Krish, I just saw another video of deploying using Cloud Run, Can you please tell me what's the difference between these two?


    1) APIs & Services -> Enabled APIs & Services
    2) Then typing search box App Engine. And enable it. Now you can continue the steps after 09:47

  3. I have deployed my Selenium Script which runs across multiple web pages on a particular website and it works fine on my system but after deploying on Google Cloud and Heroku it is showing an Error after running. I found that the possible reason is memory limit was exceeded.
    Please help me out.

  4. Did u simply create the .yaml file in notepad++ or what needs to be done? Im using spyder anaconda

  5. Nice. Could show an app like AWS or Book store with recommendation ML engine deployed in GCP.

  6. If i have made some changes to the code in the local repository, then how can push the changes to the Google cloud?

  7. Do we have to deploy/upload main.py, pickle file to cloud ? In the video we can see only app.yaml deployed and that only contain runtime details.

  8. Sir, I am getting the following error:
    DENIED: Token exchange failed for project 'getheartstatus'. Access denied
    I have followed the same steps that are shown in the video. I request you to help me resolve this issue as soon as possible.

  9. If I join your channel as a member, can I avail you as a mentor weekly twice (30 mints) ??

  10. It's good that this video shows you how to deploy to google cloud. Unfortunately some files are missing that we need to really deploy the project and get the full benefit from this video. Where are the html files? At 13:33 the video shows 7 files are uploaded, but Krish only talks about three files.

  11. Sir how to use/login cloud platform without credit card ?bcoz In AWS,GC it ask credit card . Is there any other way to use the public cloud free for the deployment of ml models?

  12. sir I have one error occure..when i put credit card details n try for next further process in GCP a/c activation purpose..amount are deduct but error is occure plz try again later.i tried after sometimes still this error occure ..a/c not activated..then can you suggest how i can solve this error

  13. Where am I all these days running after so many stupid courses and foriegn tutors who doesnt explain straight to the point.Now I'm here at Krish Naik's channel.Superb Explanation and Nice Work..From today onwards you are my Guru for ML learning.

  14. Good work!

    The template and static folder containing home.html, result.html and styles.css are missing from the repo. You can find them in the AzureDeployment repo.

  15. Hi Krish, I followed the same steps as you mentioned here, but I am getting error message while i am trying to access the browser. Error message is "The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the application."Please help.

  16. I have not come across a single video from you in which I haven't learned something useful. Keep up the great work. 😊

  17. Hi Krish. Could you please suggest some best resources(self-learning) to learn bigdata technologies with some hands-on approach?

  18. Hi Krish, I saw project deploy in google cloud and it generates a target URL. I have a question on you.
    How to deploy a project or service of machine learning or DL on a custom URL?

  19. Can you please make video on deploying deep learning model using real time detection by using users webcam. It will be great

  20. Sir ek pura project free m upload kijiyega tb na pata chalega ki ye kaam hmse ho payga ya ni,interesting h ya ni,tb na decide krnge ki class join karna chahiye ya nhi,mere paas carrer ko le kar ke confusion h,i have wasted lot of money on youtube,upar se hum mechanical engg v hn wo v berozgaar

  21. Amazing video and really helpful playlist. Deployment is much needed playlist …will wait for some more video in this playlist

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